What Exercises Help Your Golf Swing

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For a better golf swing stretch your quadriceps. Parrish demonstrates each of.

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Begin in a forward lunge position with the torso upright.

What exercises help your golf swing. Set up in your address position with a club placed behind your shoulders. Its important to take care of your body as a golfer because the golf swing takes a lot of effort from every muscle group. PGA Coach Thor Parrish is back with four exercises you can work into your fitness routine to strengthen your core and ultimately improve your golf swing.

They are usually performed at home or out on the golf range the short game practice area or the putting green. A great exercises for the glutes it also strengthens the hamstrings and lower back. All your weight should be on your right foot.

GLUTE BRIDGES ONE SET 10 REPS Why it works. To set up find a step bench or pad to rest a foot on. This is where stretching comes into play but strength training plays a big part here too.

The entire time your hamstrings quads and calves keep you well balanced and help you generate power during the swing. Drills to improve your golf game Golf drills are exercises that you can use to focus on a specific area of your golf swing or for a specific golf shot. These muscles help move your knees which help rotate your body.

Youll need a bench or chair to do this stretch. Slowly wind your upper body to the top of your backswing. Lift your left heel if you are right-handed and balance on your toes.

To learn how to shift your weight correctly try this golf swing drill. The single-leg Bulgarian split squat is in our list of single-leg exercises to increase club head speed because it is great for developing unilateral balance and strength in the glutes which play a big role in your golf swing. Swing your arms down and throw the ball out in front of you.

The extended position is very similar to the position a. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each side. Perform this motion at golf swing speed throwing the ball as far and as hard as possible.

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