What Grind Should I Use For My Wedges

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Grinding the club head may change the wedges bounce or it may sharpen or soften the leading edge. There are many different types of grind designated by letters L S M etc that take on the many duties of the wedge pitch shots sand shots low punch shots and lob shots.

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It is a good idea to choose three different distance goals to aim for such as 50 75 and 100 yards and put in the time to master each of these different goals.

What grind should i use for my wedges. When buying a wedge the sole grind is noted using different letters like C or S or U as examples. Grooves are the lines you see cut into the face of the wedges club head. I use a 58-06 vokey for most shots inside 50 yards.

Many opted to use wedges with less bounce and a grind that produced a sharper leading edge. In basic terms the sole grind refers to the additional shaping of the sole of the wedge usually around the heel or the toe. For example Tiger Woods TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 lob wedge has an overall bounce of 11 degrees when its square to the target but with a shaved.

It is best used for full pitch shots into the green. In fact Bob Vokey says that Bounce is your friend because it provides forgiveness on all wedge shots allowing you to still strike the ball properly even if you make mistakes. Distance is an important aspect of wedge shots and you should focus on achieving proper distance control with the wedges in your bag.

SQUARE If youre not manipulating the clubface you need a kind grind to give your square some flair. Grinding the sole of a wedge accomplishes the same thing without maneuvering the club face. A professional golfer may sometimes have a wedge ground to alter its playing characteristics to fit a particular course.

With a vertical shaft the effective bounce is just too high off of firm tight lies. They have an F grind M grind S grind D grind K grind and L grind. More wedge manufacturers are now offering offer a range of sole grinds in addition to the standard wedge sole.

Callaway MD5 Jaws C-grind or Callaway MD5 Jaws X-grind. This is the most popular grind on the PGA Tour which you can use in all different types of conditions. If you are shallow this is plenty of bounce.

You can use it for all types of players. The F grind is ideal for full shots from turf and for players with a steep aggressive swing type. Having the proper wedge bounce and grind option promotes optimal contact control and ball spin.

A full sole with moderate amounts of sole camber and radius makes the F very versatile. Wedges for the Job. When it comes to camber a lot of pros will grind a little off the leading and trailing edges of iron soles to create a rounder shape that cuts down on drag and reduces bounce.

The lob wedge 58-60 degrees should have the least bounce and the narrowest bounce. The sand wedge 54-56 degrees should have the most bounce and the deepest bounce. Grinding the sole of wedges has become something of an art form that people like Bob Vokey at Titleist Anthony Taranto at Callaway have perfected.

For me also a sweeper I find that a high bounce wedge is tough to use with the use the bounce method. Vokey offers many wedge grind options for different situations. A wider sole and a grind that doesnt take so much material out of the heel or toe area.

A full compliment of lower lofts means youll find an F Grind solution to. To get the best of both worlds you can get a wedge that has a C Grind a grind that removes material from the heel toe and trailing edge to keep the leading edge low when you open it up. Its got camber its got radius but basically F stands for full sole.

While wedge grinding is typically a job for professionals a casual golfer whos handy with tools and has an older club laying around may wish to. They literally grind the soles with a machine to suit specific turf conditions or shots. They are very versatile wedges you can use them for a lot of different distances Who it suits.

Yes if you want to get really technical you can customize the sole grind of the club to make each club more equipped for your game. For instance the L grind is ideal for firm conditions and sweeper swing styles the M grind offers the most playability and for some players the best Vokey grind for sand is the K grind with the highest. Heres what that means and why you might consider doing the.

Each one is designed for specific swing types. How to Grind Wedges. For example Titleist has a variety of grinds built into their latest Vokey SM7 wedges.

Talk with a club fitter to learn which grind may be best for your wedge based on your chip shot and pitch shot styles. Use this club out of fluffy sand deep rough soft dirt and any other lie that it is near impossible to make crisp contact on. Its important to use the right wedge grinds for your swing type and course conditions so you can be prepared to hit every kind of wedge shot.

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