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Down below I have outlined more important facts about the lob wedge that I think will really help your game. How to Hit a Lob Wedge.

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The last kind of wedges that is available is lob wedge.

What is a lob wedge. A typical lob wedge is anywhere from 58 to 60 degrees according to Golfweek. Another use of this wedge is to hit high shots that stop quickly on the green. The lob wedge and sand wedge.

A lob wedge can be anywhere from 58 to 64 degrees of loft. These are general. A sand wedge is either 55 or 56 degrees in mostly all.

Lob wedges can help to accomplish this. The lob wedge is a recent addition to the family of wedges. So generally think about putting in a gap wedge thats 48 or 50 degrees a sand wedge thats between 54 and 56 degrees and a lob wedge thats between 58 and 60 degrees.

It is a type of golf club that helps the player to hit the ball from the green side at a high arc. Lob wedge measuring in between 58-64. As its name implies a lob wedge allows a player to lob the ball high into the air from where it will drop steeply down onto the green with little or no roll.

Little bump and run around the green with a seven iron is never going to go that badly wrong. The Long Bunker Shot The hardest shot in golf long carry can be anything from 30yards to 50 yards. The old name of it is S2.

What are the Differences. The main difference between a lob wedge and sand wedge is the degree of loft. The major difference in the lob wedge vs the sand wedge is the amount of loft.

They are usually are about 60 degrees–or more–which makes a golf ball fly about 15 percent higher than a normal wedge. Golfers with experience will take a lob wedge when close to the green and try to hit it cleanly so that the ball flies into the air and. A lob wedge is a wedge for specialty shots and requires extra time as well as practice to master.

A bad shot with a lob wedge will be worse than a bad lets say chip and rung with a seven iron. Lob wedges loft range can be from 58 to 64 degrees. A beginner is better off spending their time learning the fundamentals of golf or how to escape sand bunkers using a sand wedge.

All of your lofts on your wedge will be based on the iron set you have and the lofts that are part of that set. Lob wedges typically have between 58 and 64 degrees of loft while a sand wedge is between 54 and 57 degrees. Karsten introduced L wedges in 1984 it is a part of EYE2 iron sets and after that it was named Lob wedge.

Lob Wedge vs Sand Wedge. Actually lob wedges can go up to 64 degrees of loft. They are in general used for a very short approach shot.

The purpose of the lob wedge is to get the golf ball high into the air as fast as possible and land with little roll. Some golfers describe the lob wedge as the club they trust when they need to execute a delicate shot such as when a short shot must carry a water hazard or sand trap before landing on the green. They can certainly save you many shots and help you make more birdies.

Even though they are typically in that 58-60 range there are certainly anomalies. A lob wedge is a golf wedge that has a loft between 58-64 degrees. You maybe can guess that these types of wedges are stumped with an L sign on its head.

The lob wedge has a loft angle between 60 and 64 degrees. The lob wedge with a modified stance leaning the shaft the chip will create a bump and run characteristic like the sand wedge but the ground condition made you decide on the confidence club of choice Scenario 8. What is Lob wedge.

To hit your lob wedge well you need to hit it hard to hit it hard you bring in that risk but if you thin it or fat it or duff it its going to go badly wrong. With pitching wedges typically lofted from 42 to 46 degrees the gap wedge is so-called because it closes the gap in loft between the pitching wedge and sand wedge. The loft of your lob wedge is going to depend on the loft of your sand wedge.

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