What Is Bounce And Grind On Wedges

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Its expressed in degrees and really matters most in higher lofted clubs. It is an angle between the leading edge of your club and the lowest point on the sole.

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Vokey grinds help you manipulate bounce more precisely.

What is bounce and grind on wedges. Bounce is the curvy bit on the sole of the wedge that enables the head to bounce out of the sand rough or fringe. Its a full soled wedge with material ground from the trailing edge which narrows and slightly reduces the bounce of the sole. Grind and bounce are largely related when it comes to wedges.

The bounce on wedges also vary by the depth of the bounce or commonly known as Grind. Each of these features work together to help promote better turf interaction based on the way you like to take wedge shots. If you have a high degree of wedge bounce than the leading edge of your club will be pretty far off the ground at setup.

To have a diverse range of wedges you need not only different lofts but diverse bounces AND depth of bounces. Having the proper wedge bounce and grind option promotes optimal contact control and ball spin. Depending on the courses you play and your swing having the wrong bounce and loft combination may be hurting your game.

The bounce angle sole width leading edge rocker and camber of a wedge. If you take deep divots theres a grind for that. Along with the bounce of the wedge the grind will influence how the leading edge sits on the ground at address and how it behaves through impact.

S grind is designed for players. But you sacrifice playability elsewhere quote What wedge is a good example of a good grind in your opinion. In laymans terms the grind on your wedge is the geometry of the sole which can be manipulated by removing grinding off material from the heel toe trailing edge and leading edge to.

So I wouldnt characterize it as poor design but possibly unfit for the purpose of hitting flops off of hardpan. Bob Vokey developed the S Grind in very close collaboration with short game wizard Steve Stricker. In fact Bob Vokey says that Bounce is your friend because it provides forgiveness on all wedge shots allowing you to still strike the ball properly even if you make mistakes.

In other words on a firm lie with an open club face and no grind the leading edge of your club could be at the equator of the golf ball. Ive had players say they feel like they can hit any shot with the T the combination of the forward bounce for low pitch shots and the grind for the soft control shots is something needed with the vast amount of shots required on links or firmer course set ups. Its a band aid for a poor grind.

With no grind on your wedge when you open the club face you increase the degree of bounce. The bounce of a wedge is the area of the club that hits the turf hence bounces the club through the surface under the ball at impact. Combining the factors Now that you understand what bounce is and the two components that determine the bounce you must apply it.

That number is the bounce. Bounce is the angle of the sole measured against a horizontal line the ground when the club is in the address position and the shaft is vertical. The area is the part of the club that will make contact with the ground as you come into impact.

The angle created between these two points and the ground when the wedge is held upright and in the address position is known as the bounce. The term bounce covers many of the elements involved in sole design. Grind is the manipulation of removal of material from the sole of your golf club to improve it visually behind the ball and more so to improve contact with the turf Once you move a wedge from its normal address position in most occasions opening the blade presents more bounce closing it.

The bounce on our wedge is really just an angle. The more bounce there is the higher the leading edge is off the ground when the club is held in its square position. In technical terms grind is the angle between the leading edge of the club face the part that strikes the ground first and the lowest point on the sole the bottom of the club face.

Take a look at this picture to get a visual representation of what different kinds of bounces look like. Low bounce wedges dont need the correct grind. My 58-12 is a Vokey SM-4 M-grind.

Wedge bounce and grind improves your consistency and control over your wedge shots. Wedge bounce is the angle between the ground and the sole of the club when the club is held at a proper address. Learn more about Wedge bounce.

Three different types of bounces you will find on wedges. Bounce or bounce angle in laymans terms is the angle formed by the leading edge of the wedge the ground and the sole of the wedge at the point. Grind and bounce characteristics can dramatically affect the feel dynamics and subsequent performance of.

The high bounce wedge grinds like the D and K grinds offer more forgiveness on your wedge shots while the low bounce L grind helps you create shots around the green.

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