What Is The Best Bounce Angle For A 60 Degree Wedge

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50 54 sand wedgeor 58-degree wedges. Is the grind printed somewhere on the wedge too.

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The bounce angle on a wedge typically falls between 0 and 14.

What is the best bounce angle for a 60 degree wedge. Most players will benefit from carrying four wedges which lead. Most lob wedges are about 60 degrees but they go anywhere from 58 to 64. A bounce angle of 10 degrees or above is considered high bounce for a lob wedge.

On a sand wedge. If you have a steep angle of attack resulting in deep divots a higher bounce is recommended. Less than 5 degrees of bounce is considered low and 6 degrees to 9 degrees is seen as medium bounce.

The more bounce a wedge has the less the wedge will dig into the ground. It is best used on courses with extremely firm fairways. It is recommended that their 60- degree have a higher bounce angle to help the club glide through the sand.

60 degrees loft 4 degrees bounce notated as 6004 on the wedge Before reading further check your wedges so you can understand how to use each one to your advantage. The best bounce for your sand wedge depends on your swing type and course conditions. Sand wedges have the most amount of bounce of any wedge usually between 10 and 16 degrees according to Learn About Golf.

You should be focusing on using your 60 degree around the green and in touch situations. Vokey recommends 4-6 of loft separation between your wedges resulting in 10-15 yard gaps. Specialty gap wedges may have as much as 12 degrees of bounce.

A 5-8 bounce is considered best for a 60-degree wedge. But there is also another angle you need to be aware of and thats a wedge bounce angle. Yes usually on the back or hosel of the wedge.

How far does a 60-degree wedge go-For the average golfer a 60-degree wedge will travel 50-75 yards landing softly with little roll. This type of lob wedge allows the golfer to dig into the firm ground just enough for a proper swing angle rather than bouncing off the ground and striking the ball in the wrong place. Who it suits.

If you are a sweeper resulting in shallow or no divot low bounce is recommended. Few golfers use a low-bounce lob wedge. The bounce angle is the number that comes after the loft of the wedge.

As the name implies the bounce enables the clubhead to bounce off the sand or grass without digging in before impact. If I were to hit my 60 degree wedge with a full swing it would probably go 90-100 yards. The Amount of Bounce in Wedges There is no industry standard for bounce angle.

Sometimes the wedge is just marked with an S for sand but just know that its loft is generally around 56 degree give or take a couple degrees. 56 degrees loft 12 degrees bounce notated as 5612 on the wedge Lob wedge. The T-Grind offers a versatile low bounce option in both 58 and 60-degree.

As a general rule you want about 4 degrees between irons especially when you get higher up in your lofts. Ideal for a shallow angle of attack in firm conditions it has proven popular with players in Europe who are more often faced with links-style conditions but is also used by PGA Tour players such as Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. Each manufacturer decides how much bounce to build into its wedges and what options of loft and bounce angles to offer.

Most golfers understand their golf clubs in particular their wedges differ by loft – typically from a 45-degree pitching wedge up to as high as 64-degrees for the most extremely lofted lob wedge. Bounce refers to the angle formed between the leading edge of the club and the sole bottom of the club. It helps the club not just dig into the ground effectively bouncing the sole off of the ground.

For example if a wedge has 608 printed on the sole it means the wedge has 60 degrees of loft and eight degrees of bounce. Although the exact bounce angles of lob wedges vary by manufacturer the options of high medium and low bounce are generally available. Golfers can use a 60-degree wedge from the sand.

Depending on what wedge set you are using most golfers have a wedge set that has. Precise distance gapping is a critical step in selecting the best wedge set make-up for your game. If you know how far you hit your 54-56 degree subtract 10-15 yards to get a good idea of how far you can hit a lob wedge.

A low-bounce wedge angle will be up to 6 degrees. Can you use a 60-degree wedge in the sand. Bounce angle can range anywhere from zero degrees to 14 degrees or higher.

52 degrees loft 8 degrees bounce notated as 528 on the wedge Sand wedge.

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