What Is The Best Degree Wedge To Have

Your sand wedge will be for bunker shots some pitch shots and some longer wedge shots. GW gap wedge 52 degrees This one should have low bounce and medium to high depth.

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A pitching wedge has a loft of around 45-49 degrees and is usually included in a standard iron set.

What is the best degree wedge to have. The pitching wedge 46-48 degrees should also have a low bounce and narrow to medium depth. Sand wedges are typically 54 or 56 degrees while lob wedges are normally 58 or 60 degrees in loft. On the greens the 64 degrees wedge is a good club to make shots.

What is the best VALUE wedge on the market. If your golf ball is just off the green by about 10 yards and the ground is relatively flat try using a pitching wedge to keep the golf ball lower to the ground so it can run out towards the hole. Value for money is one of the many reasons why we are including Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge in our recommendations.

The 60 degrees wedge can always open the face-up. Lets say youre carrying three wedges in your bag. That big fat sole you see in the picture slaps the sand hard and bounces off to pop the ball out onto the green in one.

If you need to up your game from the bunker or be able to hit that drop and stop shot from short range you need to be carrying a 60 degree. Its really a preference whether you want to have 3 or 4 wedges. As lofts on irons have decreased over time eg a 5-iron today might be lofted at 26 degrees whereas 30 years ago a 5-iron would have been lofted at 32 degrees it has become more popular to carry additional wedges.

Its the best mix of price and performance. Here is when I think it is best to use a pitching wedge to chip with around the green. The skill level of the golfer often determines the wedge best suited for a golfers game.

Hence it offers versatile shots on the course. The gap wedge 50-52 degrees should have a low bounce and medium depth. You can become really creative with a 60 degree and manufacture shots that just arent possible with a lower degree wedge.

Is the 60 degree wedge better. An ideal progression is for the pitching wedge to be 45 degrees followed by a 50-degree gap wedge and complemented by 54- and 58-degree sand and lob wedges. The Cleveland 588 RTX 20 CB is the best value golf wedge for your hard earned money.

Its more forgiving than most other wedges on the market due to its perimeter weighting cavity back CB design. If you want 4 and again assuming your PW is. Besides the greens on the rough and on the fairway the 60 degrees wedge is more suitable.

If youre carrying four wedges you may want to consider pairing wedges of 50 56 and 62 degrees with the 44-degree pitching wedge. An amateur golfer will be fine with just a pitching wedge 44-49 degrees while beginner golfer who have mastered hisher distance hoping to improve would need a Pitching Wedge and a Sand Wedge of 54-58 degree to help improve distance accuracy and get out of tricky situation. SW sand wedge 56 degrees This one should have high bounce and high depth.

LW lob wedge 60 degrees Lastly you should have a lob wedge with low bounce and low depth. You can choose which one has the angle most suitable for the environment where you are playing. It can provide the best bang of the buck because it already comes with three lofts 52 56 and 60 degrees.

A 56 sand wedge with 11 degrees of bounce makes this a perfect option for getting out of the sand and the 1Out Plus was born for this. Typically sand wedges have lots from 52 to 56 degrees. Overall I believe that the sand wedge and the lob wedge are the most important wedges to get the bounce right on because they will be used most frequently around the greens.

Your lob wedge will be for shots that you need to get up in the air and. A typical lob wedge might have a loft of 60 degrees to 64 degrees. If you have 3 wedges and assuming the pitching wedge is 46 degrees you would probably want a 50 or 52 and a 56 or 58 to keep the yardage gaps close.

A great 60 degree wedge can be an absolute weapon in your bag. If you have a 44-degree pitching wedge you may want a 52-degree gap wedge and a 60-degree lob wedge.

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