What Is The Highest Lofted Wedge

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The pitching wedge is the most common type of wedge as it is often included in a set of irons you may buy. Sand wedge This wedge has a loft of 54 to 58 and is used in sand areas as the name suggests.

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Currently the highest lofted wedge in my bag is 58 as I had too large of gaps at the top end of the bag when I carried the 60 and hardly used the 56 enough to justify carrying it around.

What is the highest lofted wedge. Regular lob wedges may come in a variety of lofts usually. Sand wedges are typically 54 or 56 degrees while lob wedges are normally 58 or 60 degrees in loft. Lob wedges are part of the iron family of golf clubs and are designed for short high arc shots.

588 C-grind MD4 wedge. 60 too unstable on more than half swing On PGA Tour. I recently tried a 56M which was good but I find the 58K better out of the sand and feels much easier to hit all around than anything higher lofted.

The lob wedge is the highest lofted in golf today with a loft of around 60-64 degrees to produce more height and improved spin compare to other wedges. Very underrated golf club. When I redid my wedges two seasons back I went with Callaway MD3 in 48 and 54 and an MD-PM in a high-toe 6010.

328k members in the golf community. Well worth the try. On tour half the golfers have 58 as their highest lofted wedge.

Loft angles are expressed in degrees with respect to vertical rather than the ground. From a report a couple of years ago 50 of PGA Tour players used 58 as their highest-lofted wedge. Lob wedges and ultra lob wedges are designed with the shortest shafts and the highest loft of all golf clubs.

This is the latest addition to the type of wedges. 3 wood hi bird long clubs. Designed with leading edges and bounce to get through heavy sand and turf sand wedges are uniquely made to glide through the sand and avoid getting stuck to deep and losing distance on the shot.

In the early 2000s a fifth wedgeusually called an X-wedgestarted showing up in the bags of some low-handicappers. The gap wedge also goes by the names A-wedge attack wedge and approach wedge. Have 6 feel wedges.

X-wedges have the highest lofts of all 64 to 70 degrees. A high-lofted club such as a sand wedge would have a loft somewhere about 55. PGA tour stats validate Terrys comment on 57-58 being upper limit on what most amateur golfers can handle.

Lob wedge Finally the lob wedge has the highest loft of all wedges traditionally ranging from 58 to 60 but there are some manufacturers that offer lob wedges of 64 and even higher. Although club manufacturers will vary on their highest loft available the highest-lofted club is called a. The recent introduction of the gap wedge gave golfers a wedge that fit between the pitching and sand wedges.

The other group are those who use distance balls and although they get a high flight with other wedges the ball rolls out too much and the 60 is required for tighter pins. As a rule of thumb the higher the loft the higher your ball flight will be off the club. It has a loft angle between 42 and 48 degrees.

And as your intuition tells you the more highly lofted a club is the higher will be the trajectory of your ball. Highest Lofted Wedge. It has a loft angle between 48 and 54 degrees.

A typical gap wedge might might be lofted from 48 to 54 degrees. The lob wedge is the most lofted club in a golfers bag typically with a loft of 58 to 60 degrees although some club manufacturers are offering lob wedges with up to 64 degrees of loft. It is the 73 degree by feel golf.

A 60 wedge is mainly for those players who have not learnt to trust the loft of the club yet like all their other wedges they deloft the 60 by about 4-8. Ultra-high lofted wedges may help the ball get in the air quicker but we think a maximum loft of 58 degrees provides the best versatility for your highest-lofted wedge and a more solid contact for. Your sand wedge will be for bunker shots some pitch shots and some longer wedge shots.

Best higher lofted wedge I have ever played. Ualtim Jun 15 2007 9 MCDavis The Plaid Duffer Staff Member Moderator. Gap wedge The gap wedge often referred to as the approach wedge or the A wedge has a loft of 51 to 53 degrees.

Lofted from 54 to 56 degrees it is often the highest lofted wedge in a players bag allowing for a higher trajectory to stop faster on the greens. Have used feel 64 degree as 5th wedge for at least 4 seasons. Your lob wedge will be for shots that you need to get up in the air and.

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