What Makes Pxg Clubs So Expensive

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Its like a tour-level blade and a game-improvement iron had a baby and it was the PXG irons. Generally the materials used in producing the clubs are expensive and the process is long and laborious so again expensive.

Pxg Reveals New Gen4 Golf Clubs At Highest Of Its Price Points

They had also made just about the most expensive.

What makes pxg clubs so expensive. After spending 6-figures on subpar golf equipment he now makes his own. We try PXGParsons Xtreme Golfclubs from Bob Parsons founder of GoDaddy. By Golf Channel Digital.

Japanese clubs are also expensive because golf is a very elite sport in Japan this means that clubs tend to be more expensive because they will sell at premium prices. However for less well-heeled mortals I needed to find out why they are so expensive and how they compared to regular. But I guess if youve got the super yacht it probably sounds like a bargain.

Revenues surged upwards of. PXG Golf Clubs Is the Hype Worth it. If PXG clubs were so much better than everyone else perhaps Paige could make a living out of playing rather than posting.

However PXGs clubs range from 700 for a driver to more than 3000 for their iron sets³. PXGs clubs though are about more than the price tag or the perimeter weights that give them their signature look. Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do.

Check out our review of the budget-friendly PXG 0211 clubs. If youre interested in making the purchase make sure to get the clubs fit to your swing no sense in dropping thousands on clubs that you cant play. PXGs direct-to-consumer model was particularly successful despite the pandemic in 2020.

Starting at 300 per club head PXG 0311 irons and wedges are some of the most expensive irons currently available. And if that number makes your eyes pop the brazen Parsons has a. January 21 2016 at 1233 AM.

Posted March 24 2017 by jerry-admin. PXG reveals new GEN4 golf clubs. PXG made their name by offering the most premium golf clubs at the most premium price points so it came as a big surprise when they released the 0211 irons in the spring of 2019 review HERE.

Our clubs are engineered with no cost or time constraints for golfers who demand the very best. I have not been able to get out a lot yet because living in Iowa the weather hasnt cooperated for me to really get out to the range with my launch monitor and get good numbers. For roughly half the price golfers could access the technology and performance of the vaunted 0311 irons.

Our irons have the thinnest face in golf which along with other key patented technologies translates to amazing distance and outstanding accuracy. As a new PXG dealer this is my opinion. For those of you who dont know Parsons Xtreme was started by billionaire Bob Parsons who is the founder of GoDaddy.

As we all know PXG golf clubs are expensive. Find PXG equipment retailers and fitters here. So I see that everyone here is going with the they charge that much because they can answer.

These artists craft clubs using superior materials and they are often made to more strict specifications. Its all Bob Parsons. If youve ever seen any of his GoDaddy ads.

Imagine spending 4000 on wedges. The materials and technologies used by PXG engineers are undeniably great and on par with other elite level club manufacturers and the performance. The Japanese are by far the finest golf club makers in the world.

These obscene prices make it so that PXG can only market to the richest markets in the world. Most drivers cost between 250 and 600 while a good set of irons can set someone back more than 1000². All we care about is performance.

So when I heard the latest milled wedges from PXG were topping close to 1000 it didnt come as a surprise. A set of 8 PXG irons retails for 2400. Its all about the babe factor.

I mean theres something to that but they are more expensive to make as well. Buying a set of PXG clubs feels more like getting into an elite VIP party than a shopping experience. Throughout the industry there has been considerable focus on the cost for PXG clubs and understandably so as a set of nine of the companys new Gen2 irons retails for 3600 while a driver sells for 850.

Getty Images At 300 an iron and 700 for a driver PXG Parsons Xtreme Golf clubs are a serious. First they have like a larger number of molds that they use for each club which adds quite a bit of fixed cost. Why do the clubs cost so much.

Are they worth the high cost. Regardless of whether you plan on shelling out the big bucks for a set of PXGs you have to love how people are having so much fun with their ridiculous price tag. Our clubs just cost so much more to make than others on the market says Nicolette.

One of the many reasons fueling such talk is the price of PXG clubs with a full set costing close to 5000.

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