What Shaft Flex For 95 Mph Swing Speed

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Get Instant Quality Info. Ad Search for Flex shaft at Teoma.

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If we had fit our testers only based on clubhead speed our highest swingspeed player would have lost 9 MPH of ball speed.

What shaft flex for 95 mph swing speed. Find info on Teoma. HZRDUS Smoke this and that at X flex. Get Instant Quality Info.

105 mphX Flex 95-104 mphS Flex 85-94 mph R Flex 75-84 mphA Flex 74 below mphL Flex There are differences within a flex category as well based upon where the kick point is located but the range above is a good starting point to determine what flex is right for you. Ad Search A Flex Shaft. Regular and Stiff Flex Shaft.

190 yards 4 iron. What have you found to work great at your. Golfers who are used to making longer drives are recommended to opt for stiff shafts.

This is due to a stiff shafts ability to generate a swing speed that lies between 95 and 110 miles per hour mph. Maybe the shaft loaded and unloaded perfectly and it increased the ch speed. Hi – just curious what you all think.

Players with swing speeds between 85-90 mph typical of beginning male amateurs and many senior players will tend to select a club with a regular flex shaft. If youre swinging the driver above 105 mph it might be time to get some X stiff shafts in your set. Stiff This range is still considered fast but you most likely wont be out on Tour.

90-95 mph Iron Swing speed. 144-150 yards 8 iron. 92-96 club head speed.

I didnt slice my old driver previous to that. 130 yards 9 iron. Even the shaft manufacturers give you guidelines such as Stiff flex fits 90-100 MPH clubhead speed is only a starting point.

Start by using a launch monitor to analyze your golf swing speed. It was a blind landing spot so it may have taken a hard bounce. 180 yards 5 iron.

Ad Get Swing Flex. The reg flex burner I used to have would slice no matter what i did. I now have a burner with a stiff flex.

Find info on Teoma. 160 yards 7 iron. Looking at the chart it seems my CH speed is closer to 95-100.

Heres the shaft flex you should play based on your swing speed. Ad Search for Flex shaft at Teoma. If your swing speed is faster than 95 mph then you should try a stiff shaft.

I was thinking that the L shaft flex may have had something to do with it. Thats not a lot of players. Ad Search A Flex Shaft.

Components of a Shaft. If your swing ranges between 85 mph and 95 mph then you should start with a regular flex. The middle ground between regular and stiff lies generally in the range of 90-95 mph swing speeds.

Do you all think 90-95 mph swing speed is ok for a stiff. 170 yards 6 iron. Driver Swing speed.

Ad Get Swing Flex. I swing between 90 and 95 mph -I was tested at the store and the guy said I need to use a stiff flex. A lot of guys on these threads love talking about 115 – 120 mph with.

210-240 yards really depends on the driver 3 Wood. Ad Speed – Play Now For Free Online In Your Browser. Get Results from 6 Engines at Once.

Get Results from 6 Engines at Once. In that zone of 95 mph. I find higher torque shafts tend to give the best kick release and distance but sometimes at an accuracy cost.

Determining which golf shaft flex your need stiff regular senior etc requires club fitting and testing.

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