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Generally speaking golfers with slower swing speeds can benefit from a lighter shaft and vice versa. The most preferred material for the shaft is graphite and titanium.

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A good tip for working out what flex you need is the 150-yard test.

What shaft stiffness should i get. Graphite tends to be lighter but many companies are offering steel shafts in much lighter versions. So if a tour pro has x100 in their irons they would go to s400 for their wedges. Three different teaching pros have told me that the average golfer should dump the stiff shafts about age 53.

Fortunately manufacturers today produce shafts that are considered a weak stiff or a strong regular and offer a wide variety of shafts that allow a more customized fitting. Looking to buy Titleist AP1 irons on ebay but I am not sure what shaft stiffness I should get. I recently went through a pro fitter using trackman and found that with the change for my swing speed tempo and other factors I increased distance in my 7 iron around 15 yards and my driver 20 – 25 yards.

Shaw House Orchard Road. Golfers who are used to making longer drives are recommended to opt for stiff shafts. Ad Regain A Pain-Free Back The Pain Relief Clinic.

This is due to a stiff shafts ability to generate a swing speed that lies between 95 and 110 miles per hour mph. For example a driver can hit a drive with a steel driver measuring 240 yards. Ad Regain A Pain-Free Back The Pain Relief Clinic.

Conversely the regular shafted clubs are going to flex more. The stiff shafted clubs are going to flex less during the swing than the regular shafted clubs. The Rifle shaft produced by FM precisionBrunswickRoyal Precision different names same company introduced and patented a numeric stiffness rating system.

Shafts come in five flex categories. Steel shafts are recommended for players with normal swing speeds who could do with more control when playing. Anything more than 250 yards stiff shafts are for you.

Shaft Stiffness Labels 40 45 50 55 60 65 70. Selecting the right flex for your golf club shafts is key to getting the most out of your clubs. Slice left to right for right-handed golfer If your golf shaft is too stiff and your swing speed is too slow your well-struck shot will be limited on both carry distance and shot trajectory.

Other characteristics such as weight are important. Starting at 50 the stiffness goes up in steps of 05 up to 70 which is tour x-flex. I have had three assorted surgeries since 2005 and despite rehab-going to the gym I lost some brute strength.

Components of a Shaft. If you hit the ball longer than that say 225-250 yards you should probably choose regular shafts. Some brands use a numbering system instead of statements around what flex a shaft is.

I am 68 and have gone from using a stiff steel shaft in my irons to a light or senior graphite shaft in my irons and from a regular shaft in my driver hybrids and 3W to a light of senior shaft. Unless you are a huge hitter and average. Who benefits from a stiff shaft.

I played stiff shafts until just 2008-09 and have switched to regular Uniflex in irons except for my GW and SW. It was a detailed system for relating swing speed to shaft stiffness. If you have a slower swing speed you are probably going to want to choose regular shafted clubs because the additional flex will provide a little more power and accuracy.

Club Champion gave us a list of guidelines or cues they use in their fitting process. -Over the top swings should try lighter shafts and vice versa. -Players releasing too early can benefit from heavier shafts.

True Temper suggested that lighter shafts can produce more distance and heavier shafts may be preferable for control. If you can hit an 8- or 9-iron 150 yards comfortably then a stiff shaft is for you. These are rifle shafts they dont have the usual steps that you expect to see on steel iron shafts.

The carry on my driver is between 200-220 my 5 iron goes around 170 and I generally use an 8 iron from 150 yards out. A too-stiff golf shaft will most often lead to weak fades or slices. This means that you will have a driver swing speed of around 100 mph and you will see the benefits of a stiff shaft.

Extra stiff X stiff S regular R senior A and ladies. Wedge Flex is typically between S200-S400 in terms of TT shafts. Extra Stiff Players with swing speeds between 95-100 mph tend to gravitate towards stiff shafts with 105 mph being the point at which some players begin to use x-stiff extra stiff shafts particularly in their drivers.

I think I remember seeing Bob Vokey say that you should go a half or one step softer in your shafts. I am a casual to avid golfer. Shaw House Orchard Road.

That can be addressed using a graphite or steel shaft. There is no doubt that graphite is the most famous and highly used material for golf clubs. I think it depends on the wedge manufacturer for which shaft they pair with their wedge.

These have high swing speed and lighter in weight providing high accuracy.

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