What Size Are Stock Golf Cart Tires

Over 24 tire patterns available on your choice of golf cart wheels. Golf cart lift kits.

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Golf Cart Tire Size Guide.

What size are stock golf cart tires. Most tires available in the market are already huge upgrades from stock tires and most of them are ready to be mounted. The last number 10 is the size of the center of the tire – in other words what size wheel will fit the tire. 8 Wheels Tires 10 Wheels Tires 12 Wheels Tires 14 Wheels Tires.

High-profile or all-terrain tire- this type of tire tends to be thicker. How to Measure Your Golf Cart Wheels Golf Cart Wheel Size Recommendations – YouTube. Non-lifted golf cart tires will never require the use of a lift kit to be installed on your cart.

When you purchase a golf cart it will almost certainly come with tires that are 18 or 185 inches tall and 8 or 85 inches wide because these are common sizes installed at the factory. This table represents Street Low Profile tire sizes most commonly used. All types of golf carts including Club Car Yamaha and EZ-GO are bound to fit this kind of tire.

Mar 11 2021 The Expresswire — Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry The global Turf and Golf Cart Tires. It is written 18 x 85 x 8 where the first number is the overall diameter of the golf car tire the second is the width at the tread and. The first number 18 is the full diameter of the tire – how tall it is in inches from top to bottom.

A stock golf cart will come equipped with an 8 tire but beyond that you have a couple options to choose from. Georgiamoversus What are the different tire treads for golf cart tires. Find out why its so important to keep your tire pressure at right PPI for safety and a smoother ride.

Apr 1 2021 – Golf cart tires and wheels can be standard or provide a custom look. 8 10 12 wheels are inconsequential its the tire diameter that is key. Our selection includes wheels tires and wheel covers for a range of sizes including 8 inch stock tires as well as 10 12 and 14 inch.

A stock 8 tire is 8508-18 18 diameter. Most tire sizes are in the following format. The standard wheel or opening size is 8 but golf cart wheels also come in 9 10 and 12 sizes.

Golf cart tires for 8 – 9 – 10 and 12 inch golf cart wheels. Standard golf cart tires factory measure 18 tall outer diameter x 85 wide across the tread x 8 at the bead inner diameter. Golf cart tires come in a variety of sizes.

The industry standard factory Golf Cart Tires that come on 99 of golf carts are 18×85-8 tires. Non-lifted stock Yamaha golf carts can fit 21540-12 tires 185 max. Golf Cart Wheels and Tires Finding the right golf cart tire or combo kit at Golf Cart Garage is easy.

Most stock EZGOs can handle up to a 21550-12 tire without scrubbing if you have no added weight on the back Flip seat cargo box and. Non-lifted stock Yamaha Drive G29 carts are able to fit up to 200 tires max. This type of tire comes with a tire size like 20550-10.

A 10 wheel with 2055010 tire is 18 diameter. If you go by this you will have no worries with wheel scrub on your EZ-Go golf cart. The rim size doesnt matter as long as the 20 tall tires fit on the wheels.

They are available in different sizes like 8 10 12 and 14. If you are thinking about switching your EZGO Club Car or Yamaha golf cart over to low profile tires and wheels this size chart may help you out. But when you purchase golf cart tires on the secondary market you have the option of adding tires of a different size.

These STANDARD sizes always end with the number that matches the wheel size the tire is. The two most common stock tire sizes are 8 inches wide. Many stock golf cart tires clock in at 18 inches tall and 85 inches wide when full of air.

This type of tire can be fitted on an 8-inch round hub. There are also larger tires available and the list includes 2210-10 2211-10 and 1195-10. An 8 wheel usually accommodates an 18 tire.

The most common All Terrain Golf Cart Tire Sizes Remember. First lets take a look at the two main types of tires you can purchase for your custom golf cart. The height of the tire and the wheel size both need to be considered.

All non-lifted golf cart wheels and tires can be used on every standard EZ-GO Club Car and Yamaha golf cart model and are typically 18 to 20 inches tall in height. The second number 8 indicates how many inches wide it is. Custom golf cart wheels wheel covers and golf cart tire treads can turn your ordinary cart into a sporty looking cart.

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