What Temperature Is Too Cold For Golf

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If you decide to go play golf on a day that you know is going to be raining and the temperature is around 35 45 degrees you might be the type of. Playing golf in cold weather isnt always easy.

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With a cart cover and a small heater you can play when it is pretty cold.

What temperature is too cold for golf. I figure I can play about 5 or 10 degrees less than today but Im not sure about any more than that. Hole number one I have an approach shot from about 130 or so. Any weather is good golf weather if the course is open.

So theoretically youre looking at a loss of four yards if youre playing in 40 degrees as opposed to 80 degrees. It was about 25 or 30 out so pretty chilly. If is sunny 40 kmh is fine.

My golfing criteria for temperature 10 or lower. I never played in the winter and was wondering what other people do. I know South Floridians who wont go to the grocery store let alone play golf if it tips below 65 degrees.

Sure we all know that balls dont like to travel far in cold weather. This will do them no harm and you will probably be more brittle than they will at such. 9am Tee Time Tomorrow and Temp.

– I can play in rain but no thanks if it is pouring drizzle is fine. I guess on the positive side I am still playing golf in November and at least its not officially in the freezing zone. So if you want to play a good game and get the most out of your every shot make sure to keep this in.

If it is not at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside they simply refuse to tee it up. Saturday is it was up around 55 or 60 so most of the snow melted however it was too wet and slushy to get out and play or anything. When the water temperature falls below 50-55F it is classified as been too cold for the goldfish.

According to research every 10-degree change in temperature will take away one yard of carry. When we finally got the go-ahead it was probably around 33-34 degrees but the sun was warming things up. Keep your golf ball warm.

What temperature is too cold for golf. Rain is OK but Lighting is not snow is OK but ice is hard on your clubs. Today the the coldest 67 degrees I have played in in some time.

– Rain and 20kmh wind no thanks. However with the help of a pond heater and thermometer you can effectively manage and regulate the water temperature. As you can tell here in the Northeast it is officially winter golf season.

The Effect of Golf Ball Temperature on Golf Ball Performance. – Wind has to be less than 20kmh. Golf balls dont travel as far in cold weather.

Sun is OK but over 100 degrees maybe drink lots of water. Once this happens the goldfish will prepare to go into hibernation. It was about 50 today and my hands were starting to hurt when the club impacted the ball.

The temperature of the golf ball and the air temperature on the day youre playing directly affect how your ball will perform during a round. Conversely there is a college buddy of mine from Montana who not only plays when its. It wasnt too bad by Sunday afternoon so a friend of mine and I went out to the rangecourse.

Generally temperature affects a balls resiliency the spin and the density of the air through which the ball travels. You really dont have to worry about the temperature they will experience in the garage even at 40F. Other factorssuch as how the body reacts to.

In fact youll lose about 3-5 yards depending on air density for every 10 degree drop in temperature. Having lived in South Carolina and Florida for the last few years Ive met a number of golfers who cleave to the 50 Degree Rule. Each contributes to how a ball performs.

This was after a couple days of freezing cold temperatures. Enter GOLFs resident low-handicaps who are here to offer some advice golfer-to-golfer. Big thing with cold weather is wind.

Wet and Cold Conditions.

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