What Wedges To Have In Your Bag

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Worried about what wedges to carry in a golf bag. Wedge Combination for Beginners.

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What wedges can I choose from.

What wedges to have in your bag. As your experience and skills grow you can look at other wedges but to start with one should have at least a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. Pelz recommends having 4 wedges in your bag PW-50 SW-55 LW-60 XW-64. Check Out the Wedges Range at ASOS.

Choosing the correct wedge lofts consists of maintaining either three or four wedges rarely less. Some may choose to have one less wedge to allow for a longer club in their bag such as a hybrid or fairway metal. Traditionally pitching wedges are lofted from 45-50 gap wedges from 50-54 sand wedges from 54-58 and lob wedges from 58-64.

He goes a long way in the book to prove that every golfer would benefit from removing a long ironhybrid and adding a wedge and I tend to agree after reading it. After your 9-iron comes a choice of wedges which can range in lofts from 45-64 and normally youll find these lofts displayed on the heads. That leaves 6 degrees of gap in between your wedges which is fine for a good golfer.

If you add three wedges you will probably want an approach wedge sand wedge and lob wedge. At this point you can go one of two ways either add three more wedges to your bag or add two wedge and a long club such as a three iron or additional fairway woodhybrid. If you have got 3 or 4 woods a couple of hybrids loads of long irons but only 1 or 2 wedges I think you have got the weighting the distribution in your bag wrong I would like to see you carry at least 3 if not 4 wedges particularly if your pitching wedges goes more than a 100 yards you need to put in an extra couple of clubs in just to bring that yardage in when you are a bit closer you get a.

Again it all comes down to personal preference. Scratch golfers will probably want the fourth wedge rather than the 3-wood or hybrid. The sand wedge with its loft angle of 54 to 58 degrees would take care of most of your.

So a set of four wedges like the one used by Jordan Spieth would include a 46 52 56 60. Most golfers agree that a sand wedge is essential in your bag. So how many wedges should you carry.

Some beginner and high handicap golfers have the pitching wedge as the only wedge in their bag but it is highly beneficial to have a sand wedge in your bag. If you are newbie at golf having only a pitching wedge in your arsenal then adding a sand wedge to it makes the most sense. With Free Shipping to Singapore.

The Cleveland CBX Sand Wedge is an example of. Personally Im more of an advocate of having a PW 48 GW 52 SW 56 and LW 60. For instance if you choose a fairway wood instead of wedge your chances of long par 5s and 4s is more while if you add a wedge and lose the fairway wood you will be saved from making difficult three.

Other players may go for a 50 54 58 set up. What are the two wedges you ought to carry in your golf bag. Bring a putter a pitching wedge and a sand wedge regardless of your skill level or the course.

If youd prefer to have a lob wedge instead you could do 44 52 60 leaving 8 degrees of loft in between wedges. Some people will bring a lob wedge or a chipper with them and get rid of one of their other irons. Ad Discover the Wedges Range Enjoy Free Shipping Returns in Singapore.

The better you are the more specialized your game becomes. An optimal wedge set in your golf bag goes a long way in saving the number of shots in your game. Check Out the Wedges Range at ASOS.

You may need more than 5 degrees. Low handicappers who arent yet scratch might prefer the extra wood or hybrid rather than the extra wedge. To know the number of wedges you need to first assess the entire game instead of just the wedge play.

Again we are allotted 14 clubs in our bag so almost all golfers differ their selections. Sand wedges typically have loft angles between 54 and 56 degrees. Well Choose between sand wedges 54-58 pitching wedges 45-50 and gap wedges 50-54.

Ad Discover the Wedges Range Enjoy Free Shipping Returns in Singapore. I have found that when transitioning from irons to wedges I need a wedge that is only 2 or 3 degrees weaker than my PW instead of the suggested 4 or 5. With Free Shipping to Singapore.

You only need to look at the bags of PGA Tour winners to see that this. And that specialization for the best players leads to a concentration on the short game. A sand wedge also has a wider sole and a higher bounce angle.

It wont make a big difference either way.

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