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The best thing you can do to the right weight for you is to go get yourself fitted by a professional. Iron shafts are available in a variety of weights and some manufacturers offer a.

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Because players with higher swing speeds tend to use less flexible shafts male professional players typically favor stiff or extra-stiff shafts in all their clubs according to.

What weight iron shaft do pros use. Driver shafts typically weigh 55-60 grams for men and 45-50 grams for ladies. Steel shafts are recommended for players with normal swing speeds who could do with more control when playing. Size3size4color282828Bo Van Pelt is playing an experimental Nippon shaft called 980STcolorsizesize size3size4color282828Ernie Els irons read KB Tour — should read KBS Tourcolorsizesize size3size4color282828You nailed the driver shafts but heres a bfairway beditcolorsizesize.

Each player hit seven shots with each of four different steel shafts the Nippon NS Pro 850 GH 85 grams 950 GH 95 grams 1050 GH 105 grams and 1150 GH 115 grams in the appropriate flex with the same iron head of their choosing. PGA Tour players use steel shafts almost exclusively in their irons with Matt Kuchar being a notable exception. This is still linked to personal preference.

Depending on what type of swing you possess stiff-shaft irons might help you control your shots better achieve optimal results from a swing with a fast tempo and aid your short game. The shaft weight has a major effect on the overall weight of the driver. The main difference is that a stiff shaft is harder to bend than a regular shaft.

LPGA driver shafts are typically 50 to 65 grams while the PGA Tour driver shafts are 60 to 85 grams. Iron shafts vary from about 35g to over 130g and that is of course an extremely wide range. Using a lighter shaft allows more weight to be placed in the clubhead through adjustable weights hotmelt etc.

Ping are renowned for custom fitting and no matter which iron model you buy in 2018 youll be fitted into one of 20 shaft weights. Graphite shafts are manufactured in a variety of weights ranging from the sub-40-gram category up to about 90 grams with the most common being in the 65-gram vicinity. Three guys had optimal results swinging the 95-gram shaft.

Three of our 10 testers saw their best combination of distance and dispersion with the 85-gram shaft. Driver shafts are usually 012 to 013 pounds for men and 009 to 011 pounds for ladies. Weight Of The Shaft.

Thus for example a golfer with a smootheasypassive transition and tempo who also is below average in strength and who also knows that he prefers a lighter weight feel in his clubs would then be a golfer with whom we would start the test club fitting session with a wood shaft that weighs 40 to 50g and an iron shaft that weighs in the range of between 55-65g. Shafts were tested in a different order by each player. Different shaft weight in irons.

The professional tours offer great examples. The more force you create in your golf swing higher swing speed the stiffer you will want your shaft. Iron shafts can be as light as 55 grams in graphite and 130 grams in steel.

And four testers benefited the most. The hot new shafts we saw coming on the scene in 2020 include the heavier steel OBAN CT-125 and mid-weight steel True Temper ELEVATE 105. That said it makes sense to use for example a 70 gram shaft as a starting point for a player who prefers a 60 gram driver shaft because when its cut shorter the shaft will feel similar in terms of weight.

This is usually created by adding more material to make the shaft up which can often also make them slightly heavier. Without increasing the total weight of the club. While the really light shafts are only intended for ladies and senior.

Just like drivers iron shafts vary massively in weight from 65g to 130g and theres different balance points. Iron shafts can weigh anywhere from 012 pounds graphite to 029 pounds steel. The first four inches of the shaft nearest to the clubhead also play a role in energy transfer but its a minor role as the first four inches of the shaft regardless of shaft model does not vary as much as clubhead weight.

What is unique here is that we have seen the ultralite steel shafts under 100 grams almost disappear from the OEM and aftermarket categories as the performance has not been that great. The trend in the professional ranks has been to move to lighter shafts and some professionals use shafts that are as light as 60g. The Advantages of Stiff-Shaft Irons.

Graphite shafts are much lighter less durable and more expensive in comparison to steel shafts and weigh between 50 and 85 grams around half the weight of a steel shaft.

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