What Weight Should My Hybrid Shaft Be

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If your woods are 6070g and irons shaft 100g 80-90g is a good range for hybrid shaft weight. There are companies selling shafts that weigh 50 and even 40 grams promoting that these might result in higher swing speeds for players.

Kbs Hybrid Steel Hybrid Shafts

One thing I shall touch on in the next article which is about swingweight ie.

What weight should my hybrid shaft be. Headweight FEEL is that the same swingweight in a much shorter length club feels heavier than it does in a longer length club. Using a lighter shaft allows more weight to be placed in the clubhead through adjustable weights hotmelt etc. For this test we brought together seven testers.

Strong Players – 3 Hybrid 210 – 240 Yards See Which Hybrid Shaft Works Best for YOUR Swing. And the drop in shaft weight from trimming a driver from say 45 to 435 is very little weight rarely more than 16g per inch of shaft. Most hybrids purchased off the rack at a big box store will have either a stock 55 gram 65 or 75 gram shaft all in graphite.

That said it makes sense to use for example a 70 gram shaft as a starting point for a player who prefers a 60 gram driver shaft because when its cut shorter the shaft will feel similar in terms of weight. Driver shafts typically weigh 55-60 grams for men and 45-50 grams for ladies. For this test we had golfers test drivers with shafts weighing 55 grams and 75 grams.

This is because the added length makes the club feel heavier higher swing weight. If we for the sake of example use the 70 grams example from above the wood shaft will net cut be 4150 x 152 631 grams PLUS head weight average 209 grip 52 324 grams and the Hybrid will have a shaft of net 69 grams head 239 grip 52 360 grams. A 105 Callaway RAZR Fit.

If that still feels too heavy going to a 100 to 110 gram graphite shaft based upon their desired trajectory. LPGA driver shafts are typically 50 to 65 grams while the PGA Tour driver shafts are 60 to 85 grams. If you really care about how your irons perform you need the right shaft weight as we found out in this test.

Myth 2 Lighter shafts always create more distance. Every player used the exact same head. Regular Now we are getting into the range where a majority of recreational golfers fall and also where many LPGA pros fall.

The shaft weight has a major effect on the overall weight of the driver. If the hybrid uses a wood shaft 335 or 350 compare the head weight to that of a fairway wood that has the same head weight. QuoteThe Callaway 815 hybrid has fujikura speeder that weighs in around 84-86 grams.

If youre between 84 and 96 mph regular is going to be best for. Most others either have lighter shafts or charge quite a premium if you need a heavier option. If you have very poor ball contact on either the heel or toe if is probably because the shaft in your hybrid is too light.

The golfer was able to choose whether they wanted stiff or regular flex. Strength tempo and preferred club length play a huge roll in determining shaft weight and swing weight. The professional tours offer great examples.

These are typically way too light and too flexible to give you consistent shots. Weight Of The Shaft. More Variety In Shaft Weight Than in Clubhead and Grip Weights While clubhead weight and grip weight can and do vary depending on the golfers need for a higher swingweight headweight or a larger grip size grip weight neither the head nor the grip exist in nearly as wide a range of weights as does the shaft said Tom Wishon veteran golf club designer and founder of Tom Wishon Golf.

The reason there are so many 6070g hybrids is to cater to low swingspeed high-handicap players who cannot get a 90g shaft hybrid up in the air. Instead of calling these standards it is better to establish these as benchmarks. Im using an 78g shaft in my driver a 76g shaft in my 3 wood I know it should be heavier than my driver shaft and a 86g shaft in my hybrid right now.

Iron shafts can be as light as 55 grams in graphite and 130 grams in steel. Roughly speaking fairways are usually around 10g heavier than a driver shaft to play the same and another 10g heavier for hybrid. Most good hybrid shafts are similar.

If the hybrid uses an iron shaft 370 or 355 taper tip compare the. For example if the hybrid weighs 228 grams which is closest to that of a 7 wood 230 grams. Should my setup be more like 78g driver 85-90g 3 wood and then 100g hybrid or 125g for the hybrid to match my iron shafts.

Should you match your hybrid shaft weight to the weight of shaft youre playing in your irons or more towards the weight of shaft youre playing in your fairway wood. I know that there are a number of players on the PGA tour playing 75 85 even 100 gram weight shafts but so far have heard of few playing very light weight shafts. Without increasing the total weight of the club.

This varies based upon your strength and swing profile tempo transition and release but in general hybrid shafts will be 10 to 20 grams heavier than your driver shaft weight. Graphite shafts are manufactured in a variety of weights ranging from the sub-40-gram category up to about 90 grams with the most common being in the 65-gram vicinity. Next the shaft torque and bend profile.

In the next year the typical driver will start to vary greatly but for now lets say the average driver length is 45 long and equipped with a 65g shaft and 50g grip. In some instances the hybrid shafts will be the same weight as your irons but never heavier. Myth 1 Shaft weight doesnt matter for irons.

Its very much a guessing game but I wouldnt rule anything out if you have the facility to swap and change yourself. I specifically wanted a lighter fairway shaft so the cut down driver one was ideal. In this example you would follow the tip trimming instructions for a 7 wood when working with the CT H16 Hybrid.

Titleist and TM seem to be the only two makers with decent 80-90 gram hybrid shaft options. Myth 3 Heavier shafts are always more accurate. Lastly the average driver head will weight approximately 200g.

We typically fit these golfers in graphite shafts that are slightly lighter than their iron shafts. The first four inches of the shaft nearest to the clubhead also play a role in energy transfer but its a minor role as the first four inches of the shaft regardless of shaft model does not vary as much as clubhead weight.

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