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In disc golf par is the number of strokes or throws that a disc golfer is expected to need to complete an individual hole or to complete all the holes on a disc golf course. There are a few other weight specifications for approved golf discs but those details are beyond the scope of this article.

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This figure is higher than the average but we are just talking about a respectable score here.

Whats a good score in disc golf. For instance if you get an ace then that means youve scored a. A good resource for this would be the PDGA Professional Disc Golf Association website. Go to the pdga website and look at eventstournaments that you know played on that course.

They tend to have wider rims and are the flattest type. Go look at how others played and won and with what scores. Players who enter a PDGA sanctioned event will automatically get their results entered into the ratings system.

If youve ever seen ball golf where they play by hitting a golf ball with a club the scoring works just like that. We did not keep score. In a tailwind your disc will fly with more overstable characteristics and generally will get pushed down towards the ground.

Your tee shot is important as it. Once you get fairly decent at the sport of disc golf achieving a par isnt all that difficult. Players who average the SSA on courses played will have a rating of 1000 and are considered scratch players.

In the case of a real easy course with an SSA around. The quality of the construction material will influence the flight of the disc. The winner is the player with the least amount of strokes.

Just like golf you want to make the least amount of shots for the lowest score. Disc golf has a tremendous advantage in that it is more fun to play because our par score is easier to attain. 18 Holes Par 54 Play everything as Par 3 Then keep track of how you play those courses.

However as a course gets much easier or much more difficult the number of rating points per throw changes. Knowing whats needed is good. That means that if you add together those three categories with a distance from 251 400 feet that covers the vast majority of players while much smaller groups claim 400 feet.

Tee shots in tailwind conditions I like to throw understable discs such as a Valkyrie or Shryke if you have the arm speed. Drivers go farther than other discs because of their design. Close behind that is the 351 to 400 foot range at 22.

With that said it is believed that a 108 is considered to be a good score for a beginner golfer which equates to double bogey on each hole of a par 72 course. The next largest percentage claims a distance between 251 and 300 feet at almost 27 of those surveyed. Its knowing what to throw and how to throw it so that you put yourself in the best possible position for your next shot.

The game of disc golf is pretty simple. Disc Golf Disc Weights. What is a Good Golf Score A good score in golf is anything below 120 strokes.

Par is the standard measure of a hole on the disc golf course. If you want the real rules the DGA has a simple outline of all the disc golf rules including what to do if your frisbee goes out of bounds. Lets start with how much a disc golf disc weighs.

A player who averages scores lower than SSAs on course theyve played will have a rating over 1000. When driving it is important to have the right tool for the job. Having a good driving disc will make a big difference.

If only there were lasers in disc golf. On holes under 375 or. How to score a par.

We should not take away this advantage. Great course management begins with knowing what the best shot is in any given situation. Rules of Disc Golf.

Our rules were to keep tossing the frisbee until it landed in the goal. Each throw counts as a stroke. The key here is to look and see where you may rate.

Close Range ParThe second option increase the size of the green so that the average number of putts shots from the green approaches two seems like a. Discs are typically weighed in grams and according to the PDGA technical standards a disc must not exceed 200 grams. To help assign scores in disc golf you have to learn the various score terms first.

In disc golf the best type of disc to use for driving is called a driver. Determine how goodbad you are. Here is a really good way to think about it.

The 10 ratings points per throw holds up well on 18-hole courses with SSA values between 48-53. A recreational player will make 30 – 50 of 20 feet 61 m putts and drive 150 to 300 feet 457 to 914 m. This allows you to play on a variety of surfaces and keeps your disc from getting lost.

You want a range of colors when you buy your disc golf disc golf frisbees. The idea is to get your disc from the starting point the tee to the disc golf basket the hole in as few throws as possible. Most disc golf disc are made out of plastic or plastic blends.

Scoring in disc golf is very similar to scoring in ball golf. According to National Golf Foundation data 45 of all golfers average more than 100 strokes per round.

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