What's Better Gas Or Electric Golf Carts

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Gas-powered golf carts are also popular because they can go longer than an electric cart. Power – Gas golf carts typically have about three times the horsepower of electric golf carts.

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Electric golf carts on the other hand produce no fumes or emissions.

What's better gas or electric golf carts. The gas golf carts are better. Depending on the type of terrain you are dealing with the electric cart may get stuck or have a difficult time. Some of our customers come in firmly believing that gasoline-powered golf carts are more powerful or that electric carts are always more expensive to maintain.

Electric carts typically have 4-6 hp motors. Gas carts are cheaper because you dont have to buy a new set of batteries every 5 years approximately. Which Is Better For Camping.

If distance is involved in the usage of your golf cart gas is the better choice. An electric golf cart on average will feature a 3-5 HP electric motor but thats not to say electric carts arent impressively powerful in their own right. The only real positive of an electric model is.

At the end of the day the campground owner has final say. The other reason that gas golf carts do better with off-roading is their power. Typically youll find that electric golf carts tend to cost 10-15 less than their gas counterparts.

Gas golf carts offer lots of performance benefits but choosing a low maintenance cart like this Yamaha Drive 2 PTV will save you both time and money. Gas-powered golf carts run on traditional fuel and produce carbon monoxide emissions. Thus they perform better in rough terrain on steep hills and in off-road conditions.

If speed and distance matter more a gas golf cart is a better option. Gas carts will last longer than electric carts durability wise. Gas carts require a little extra work than an electric cart.

Well-Maintained gas carts will require refitting somewhere between 5000 to 6000 hours and a similarly well-maintained electric cart should provide you with between 40000 and 50000 carefree amp-hours of use. When you compare how long a cart can run on one tank of gas compared to one electric charge the gas cart wins hands down. If you are planning long rides all day long a gas cart is the preferred option.

Another misconception is an electric cart cost more money to repair than a gas cart. The gas golf carts are going to do much better. There are two main power options to choose from when it comes to personal or commercial golf carts.

With horsepower ratings ranging from 10-12 HP gas golf cars are as much as 3-4 times more powerful than their electric counterparts. If on average the electric cart can cover 20-25 km on a single charge a gas golf cart can provide 5 times that distance. Of course electric golf carts can be pretty pricey without comparison but if you consider the typical price range for gas carts its easy to see which ones more affordable.

They both serve the same purpose to power the cart. Gas carts are more powerful than electric carts. They do have a gas smell especially in confined area like a garage or shed.

On a slope gas golf carts perform better and can cover relatively more distance than an electric car. Anything beyond 10 miles one way would call for the fuel power of gasoline over that of an electric charge. When an electric golf cart starts to run out of power it starts to slow down.

More powerful than your electric golf cart counterparts gas golf carts are better to use on hilly or uneven terrain possessing the power to push you over. Electric carts dont have the acceleration of gas carts. Yes they are just about as much money as the engine in a gas golf cart.

In this video Eric Strickland will explain some of the differences between a gas golf cart and an electric golf cart. Custom built if youre planning to modify your golf cart gas is usually preferred since add-ons can reduce the range of an electric cart. Running time – Gas golf carts can run longer on a single tank of gas than electric golf carts can run on a single charge.

The answer is there is no answer we ca. Gas carts tend to have more power with their ICE motors averaging 10-14 hp. With a gas cart you will need to do routine oil changes and make sure that your fuel tank is filled and in great condition at all time.

Some people will claim the batteries are expensive. A lot of the newer gas models do a better job of routing exhaust and minimizing the gas smell. Another thing to take into consideration is the power.

Most modern golf carts are fitted with some form of indication of the cart in the form of an amp-hour meter for electric carts or hour meter on gas carts. Here at Golf Car Associates we are of the view that Yamaha petrol golf carts are generally better than any electric golf carts.

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