When Would You Use A Lob Wedge

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Being able to effectively use a lob wedge can save a lot of shots around the green especially when faced with a short-sided up and down or a difficult buried lie but the hardest part of an open-faced lob wedge shot is repeatability. If you are chipping with a lob wedge you are probably in a tough situation.

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Especially the slope on the greens that are fast taking the lob wedge chip minimizes the ball from running away.

When would you use a lob wedge. So I recommend that most golfers should have a lob wedge in your bag learn to make friends with it be positive with it a need when youre playing it on the golf course be nice and committed as well. The trick when playing these types of courses is to use your lob wedge to add loft to your shots around the green. As you can see on this inforgraphic from Jim at The Grateful Golfer some golfers might elect to use a lob wedge when theyre looking to attack the pin while I might use a sand wedge from the same spot instead.

If you find yourself stuck under a steep bunker face you will require the use of a lob wedge in order to escape the bunker. Heres a truth and you may not like it. You wont find anyone because most low handicap players are great at chipping especially with a lob wedge.

You Found The Penalty Area The Shot Must Clear Trouble Of 35 Yards And Check Before Running Away. The lob wedge is two clubs weaker than an approach wedge and so the distance difference between these clubs is fairly large. To hit a loft wedge you want to keep your hands quiet let the club do its job and make sure youre properly fitted.

Weigh up the shot and decide which club will help you play the desired shot. The lob wedge with provide the necessary height and spin compared to the sand wedge. How to Use a Lob Wedge.

A lob wedge is a scoring club that is useful for chipping and pitching around the green as well as for distance wedge situations where you take fairly full swings. The lob wedge and sand wedge are used for different purposes. Every golfer faces a position in which he has little turf to work with in order to get his ball onto the green.

Many professional golfers use the lob wedge to add spin to their shots to get shots closer to the hole. It will be one of the best things youve done all year. JUST SAY NO.

The lob wedge creates a very steep angle of ascent and descent for shots that must get up very quickly perhaps for example to get over a tree and for shots that you want to hit the green with a minimum of roll. The lob wedge gives the ball the necessary check to reduce the ball rolling out. Or he has to chip his ball over a bunker with little landing.

You have a problem and its killing your golf game. Lob wedges are designed to get the ball in the air very quickly and for getting up and down in tight spots the approach wedge is more for longer distance attacks. This golf tip is as simple as.

A lot of good players hit nice lob wedge shots short of the green into the bunker because they didnt commit to it enough. The higher you hit the golf ball the more you will decrease the amount of roll on the green. Use your lob wedge only when you have a shot that requires a high trajectory and a soft landing.

The whole point of chipping is to get the ball on the green as quickly as possible so the ball starts rolling sooner. Do not make the mistake of using your lob wedge when you have plenty of green to negotiate and a. There are times when the use of the lob wedge is essential to escape the bunker.

Discover how to hit a loft wedge with. The benefits and dangers of the lob wedge. When you want a decent lob wedge on a budget this model is made for the high handicap golfer.

A lob wedge is used to make shots that rise high quickly such as shots to get over trees while a sand wedge is used specifically for hitting shots out of sand traps easily. How you choose to use your wedges is entirely up to you because ultimately it doesnt really matter. Usually the highest-lofted club a golfer will carry.

To using your lob wedge every time youre around the green. Even with a low price this model offers multiple club face angle choices in its lob wedge family so you can find the perfect addition to your golf bag.

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