Who Should Use Senior Flex Shafts

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If you can hit the ball 225-250 yards then you are in the normal flex range. How Does it Affect My Distance.

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Between 72 and 83 mph signifies you need to be hitting senior flex.

Who should use senior flex shafts. Skip to main content. There are five basic categories or types of shaft flex. If it works for Tiger Woods it may work for your game as well.

The Role of Tempo. A senior-flex shaft is appropriate for a golfer who swings less than 70 miles per hour according to Purely Golf. Just curious of what shaft flex you older golfers use.

We have put together some great information about senior and regular flex golf shafts so you can choose an option that will work well for your golf game. I listed those in the order from the slowest swing speed up to the stiffest type of shaft. If a golfer is using a shaft that is too flexible here are the likely results.

Designated as A on the flex chart shafts with senior flex are recommended for golfers who regularly drive the ball between 180 and 210 yards and have a swing speed of between 60 and 75 mph. Usually if its under or around 180 yards you should use senior flex. Golfers who swing 70 to 90 miles per hour generally require a regular-flex shaft.

Well when you have a flex that doesnt match the needs of your swing the result is the clubface being misaligned at impact causing your shots to go off-target. Extra Stiff Stiff Regular Senior and Ladies usually denoted by the letters X S R A and L A is used for Senior because this flex was originally called amateur. I turned 70 recently and just replaced my irons using senior flex graphite shafts.

This is one of the two most popular stiffnesses and is. Step 3 Stiff flex may be used by golfers who consistently drive the ball 250 yards. The normal options that golfers can choose from are Ladies Senior Regular Stiff and Extra Stiff.

The ball will possibly fly higher for any given loft. This time I decided to have clones custom made for my swing speed grips that I liked club length to suit my height and a lie 1 degree flat. Why is the flex in your shaft important.

Yes A flex and Senior Flex and Soft Regular and Light flex are for the most part interchangeable terms. Senior flex shafts allow the golfer to launch the golf ball easily into the air. Generally speaking you can choose from a regular stiff or extra stiff shaft flex though there are options such as the Senior Flex Ladies Flex and Uniflex.

There is definitely merit in putting juniors into senior flex shafted clubs. Who Should Use Graphite. Both of these are best suited for those with high handicaps.

If so you also need a four iron for a 150-yard shot. If its around 200 yards youd probably do well with ladies flex. Starting with a more flexible shaft can help create a good flex on the cut-down club.

Some golfers have a hard time deciding if the regular or the senior is going to be the better fit for their game. You should use a senior flex shaft if you have a driver swing speed of 70 to 85 mph which produces a carry distance of 180 to 210 yards. Senior Slower swingers fall into this category.

This shaft is generally reserved for professional golfers. However fitting the shaft flexbp always should involve asking the player if he has a preference for the bending feel of the shaft based on experience in the game. As juniors grow up they start to develop power but their shorter clubs often make the shafts artificially stiffer.

The regular and senior flex shafts are for the slower swinging player. Ladies By no means do all womens golfers will fall in this category but. For higher swing speeds consider a regular or stiffer flex and if your swing is below that speed you should use a ladies shaft.

Should Juniors Be Using Senior Flex. I am 68 and have gone from using a stiff steel shaft in my irons to a light or senior graphite shaft in my irons and from a regular shaft in my driver hybrids and 3W to a light of senior shaft. Ive gone from regular to senior flex in my hybrids for example and notice a higher trajectory greater distance and most importantly a relaxing of my swing to a more natural rhythm for me and a sense that the club and shaft are doing the work I can simply.

Typically the rule of thumb is that a golfer with a slower swing speed will benefit from using a lighter shaft and you would add weight as swing speed increases. Not only is choosing the correct material of shaft important but if you pick the wrong flex you could hinder your game even more. If the golfer is using the proper loft for his or her swing mechanics this could cause a slight decrease from the golfers maximum potential distance.

There are benefits to be had by playing a softer flex shaft in your wedges. Shafts can range anywhere from 40 to 135 grams. There are five generally used ratings for shaft flex.

But thats all they are terms. The shaft also allows for the feel and control that golfers seek when striking the ball. I have been playing golf for 58 years and have used every shaft and almost every name brand irons made.

Types of Shaft Flex. As you might expect at this point there are always exceptions. If so then you really have to keep this in mind when making final decisions for the flexbp.

Marrying swing speed with the correct shaft flex will not only maximize distance but will also tighten dispersion an individuals lateral accuracy. January 06 2016 at 0346 PM. I recently went through a pro fitter using trackman and found that.

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