Why Are Blade Irons Better

For better players a golf club with a center of gravity closer to the axis of rotation the shaft is easier to square at impact this includes all clubs with shorter blade lengths in general. But it can also be more difficult to create a consistent closure rate for less skilled players because the club is also easier to move around that same axis.

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But its important to remember that this only applies to advanced golfers.

Why are blade irons better. Some will say the polished chrome finish glares in bright sunshine but when it comes to head shape and raw blade appeal the MB is top of the pile. Not easy for workability less feedback on mishits feel may be dampened by the perimeter weighting. I see it a lot and read about it here a lot.

But if you are like me and enjoy the ball straight high and consistent these are great irons for you. Pros use GI or non bladed irons because they need to hit exact numbers too. In the modern era of blade irons you will see some of their original characteristics but with the added benefit of better weight distribution.

Blade irons can help advanced golfers lower their scores by making it easier to shape shots and control trajectory while providing superior feel. Blades also allowed a player to shape shots better than cavity-back designs which became more popular in part because the ball naturally went straighter. They have thinner top lines as well as thinner soles and less weighting behind the clubface.

Bladed clubs also have a simple and compact design. However they can be used by anybody that fancies the way they look or feel. These are now used by some of the best players simply because it offers better control than other designs.

Forgiving easy to hit more distance and flies straighter. Blades gained the nickname players. So if you are confident in your ability to hit the center of the clubface you will reap the benefits of the blades with better distance control.

Better Player or High Handicapper Are Blades or Cavity Backs Better for Me. Today blade irons provide better feedback to players. Beginners will not have achieved a level of consistency in their golf swing to see any real benefit from playing blade irons.

As far as amateurs go I dont know why so many of us play such unforgiving irons which are way beyond our ability. It is much like comparing mini-vans and Mustangs. Not quite such a kink back into the neck here and like I said around the back less weight around the edges more weight around the center of the gold club.

Our test pro reckons less than one per cent of golfers need blades which sort of bears itself out on tour. Blades are remarkable looking clubs compared to the major game improvement irons. Play blade irons if you simply like the look and feel of a compact blade even if it means higher scores and less greens hit in regulation.

I dont think so. I hit blades MUCH better than GI or SGI irons and they are far more reliable and confidence building because I know how far they are going to go and I can allow for miss hits if needed. Whether we are thinking of traditional blades or more modern muscle back irons however blades do offer the following advantages.

A lot of better golfers might prefer a blade but when we look down on the golf club we see a narrower top line a thinner top edge maybe less offset on the front of the golf club as well. Lessons might but irons. Forged irons are hands down preferred by tour players but only 10 per cent put blades in play.

Blade irons are actually meant for low handicappers and golfers with better ball striking. It will keep you on your toes and as a result you will be getting better and better with each game. Also as mentioned above cavity backs have over-sized heads so when it comes down to your short game it can be hard to know which adjustments you might need to make.

They each serve their purposes but oh wouldnt it be nice if you had the functionality of a mini-van in a Mustang body. If youre in the market for the best blade clubs weve come up with some of the best blade irons in the market today. I dont buy the idea that playing unforgiving irons make for a better ball striker.

If this is too boring please cut me some slack. The translates into more distance for the SGI irons when comparing for example 7 irons to 7. The higher launch of the cavity back irons is what allows manufacturers to take loft off the clubface thats why SGI clubs often have up to 6 degrees less loft than the bladed equivalent.

Increased feedback Blades offer golfers more feedback so that they are better able to tell how well they are striking the ball.

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