Why Are Pxg Clubs So Expensive

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Ask yorurself this If the comparison was so important why dont we see Miura and Epon clubs being compared with TM and the rest. Second one of the overlooked parts of PXG is that they do the fitting free with no obligation that saves 100-150.

Why Are Pxg Clubs So Expensive Driving Iron Or Hybrid Yo Gear Guy

The reason is 1 cost and 2 target audience.

Why are pxg clubs so expensive. Revenues surged upwards of. Why are PXG Clubs Expensive. Mark Seiffert from Facebook.

There is a good chance that you can walk out with a bill for 3000 for a set of these irons and heck if you buy a whole set of clubs. The reason is the price and target audience. A few things worth mentioning.

First PXG has everything on sale and these irons are 115 each right now. PXG founder Bob Parsons has teamed up with social media sensation and PXG ambassador Paige Spiranac for a video blog series covering all things PXG. Big Break alumnus Anthony Rodriguez says yes and he tells Golf.

The day PXG makes a club that targets the same audience as TM and the rest is the day youll see a comparison. I have not been able to get out a lot yet because living in Iowa the weather hasnt cooperated for me to really get out to the range with my launch monitor and get good numbers. I think Parsons does this because he is passionate about the game and wants to do something insanely great to quote Steve Jobs.

Starting at 300 per club head PXG 0311 irons and wedges are some of the most expensive irons currently available. As we all know PXG golf clubs are expensive. They had also made just about the most expensive.

Why are PXG clubs so expensive. I mean theres something to that but they are more expensive to make as well. They also produce several kinds of golf clubs varying in head shapes and weight systems.

W hy are the 0311T milled wedges so expensive. You ask a reasonable question that a lot of folks have been wondering about over the. The PXG Files Episode One.

Lastly the explanation of why is PXG golf clubs so expensive is because the technology used by PXG engineers is the best in the world and can compete with elite level manufacturers. They are expensive. I caught up with Alex Riggs PXG Ambassador Middle East at Trump International Dubai to find out more.

If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. I know you always put the list price but if people are interested they should act fast. If I want to buy a set of irons from 4-PW it will run me about 2100 to 2300 not including the cost of the fitting.

Find PXG equipment retailers and fitters here. The Japanese are by far the finest golf club makers in the world. Japanese clubs are also expensive because golf is a very elite sport in Japan this means that clubs tend to be more expensive because they will sell at premium prices.

They also do a lot of RD which if you arent a high volume seller will greatly increase the cost per set. A set of 8 PXG irons retails for 2400 about twice as much as top of the line offerings from golfs traditional companies like Titleist and. PXGs clubs though are about more than the price tag or the perimeter weights that give them their signature look.

Check out episode one Why are PXG Clubs Expensive. I think PXG clubs cost more because they do likely cost more to manufacture aside from being sold as premium options. If youre interested in making the purchase make sure to get the clubs fit to your swing no sense in dropping thousands on clubs that you cant play.

Theyll be answering the many online questions and comments PXG receives about club technology performance and price along with some personal questions as well. PXGs direct-to-consumer model was particularly successful despite the pandemic in 2020. First they have like a larger number of molds that they use for each club which adds quite a bit of fixed cost.

Are they worth it. Throughout the industry there has been considerable focus on the cost for PXG clubs and understandably so as a set of nine of the companys new Gen2 irons retails for 3600 while a driver sells for 850. I was able to get out once and play in February and hit some of my demos.

The wedges at start at around 750 and go up to around a 1000 and the reason the wedges are at that price point is because of the process that is used to produce the clubs. As a new PXG dealer this is my opinion. At 300 an iron and 700 for a driver PXG Parsons Xtreme Golf clubs are a serious investment.

PXG leads us to believe that its their new technology club face weighting system and forgiveness that put the heavy price tag on these irons. PXG reveals new GEN4 golf clubs. These artists craft clubs using superior materials and they are often made to more strict specifications.

All of that advanced engineering and high-end materials that Bob Parsons and his team invested in costs a lot of money.

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